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Welcome to the InterActor Sandbox!

InterActor Sandbox is the easiest way to experience InterActor Community Edition. It requires no download and setup only takes a few minutes .

Before signing up ...

  • Make sure you have an online Neo4j graph store

    The InterActor Sandbox connects to an online Neo4j graph store. If you already have one, cool. If you don't, create one with providers like Neo Technology (provides datasets to experiment with!), GrapheneDB and GraphStory When creating an online Neo4j graph store, you will receive the url, port number and credentials that you need to activate your InterActor Sandbox.

  • Backup any valuable data in your online Neo4j graph store

    InterActor function nodes will be stored in the same graph store as your data (as :InterActor nodes). Therefore, you should make adequate backups of any valuable data before activating your InterActor Sandbox.

Read more about the InterActor Sandbox or sign-up straight away!

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