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Welcome to the InterActor Sandbox!

The InterActor Sandbox is the easiest way to experience InterActor. It offers an enhanced way of managing the data in a Neo4j graph store... and a way to create dashboards and applications by connecting various functions (e.g. Neo4jQuery, NetworkView, HtmlView and TableView) through triggers ...

Yes, it sounds like a graph and in fact, InterActor applications and dashboards are stored in Neo4j too.. the application is a graph!

Before signing up ...

The InterActor Sandbox connects to an online Neo4j graph store. If you already have one, cool. If you don't, create one with providers like Neo Technology (provides datasets to experiment with!), GrapheneDB and GraphStory.
When creating an online Neo4j graph store, you will receive the url, port number and credentials that you need to activate your InterActor Sandbox.

Because the InterActor Sandbox does not allow you to connect to multiple graph stores (you need InterActor Enterprise to do that), InterActor function nodes will be stored in the same graph store as your data (as :InterActor nodes).
Therefore, you should make adequate backups of any valuable data before activating your InterActor Sandbox.


The InterActor Sandbox does not impose any limitations in terms of number of nodes and relationships that you can store. It does however have a number of functional limitations:

  • A single graph store, a single dashboard, a single user
  • No MapView, Chartview, TimeLineView, CalendarView
  • No batch triggers, conditional triggers, code evaluation, path constructs

Read our blog or follow @Graphileon to find out what these InterActor Enterprise features can mean for you.

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